Is a bearded dragon a good pet to have?

They are good pets for children Bearded dragons are great pets for children. They are generally docile and gentle creatures. Children will be able to learn to handle them and develop a strong bond over time. Caring for them is easy, but they need regular meals, care and maintenance.

Bearded dragons are good pets and long-term companions whose health will rarely be in danger. You can expect to have them for a long time. Bearded people have a very kind disposition and a mild temper. They are calm and friendly, and even more so when raised in captivity.

Many exotic animals will be frightened and stressed by humans, but bearded dragons do very well in captivity. Adult bearded dragons eat a wider variety of insects including waxworms, silkworms, earthworms, and more. Young bearded dragons should eat half a mixture of about 50% insects and 50% plants, vegetables, and fruits. Without proper care, “bearded dragon” pets that survive the one-year curse often suffer from serious and painful health problems, including calcium deficiency metabolic bone disease, mouth rot, respiratory diseases, abscesses and ulcers.

Australia passed laws against the export of bearded dragons in the 1960s, but they were already present in the United States due to the trade in exotic pets. A PETA exhibition revealed that reptiles like this bearded dragon in a PetSmart partner hatchery were deprived of even the most basic needs, including heat and UV lamps. In the wild, bearded dragons can live to be 8 years old, but in captivity, it is estimated that up to 75% of “pet reptiles” die within the first year of life. However, its price can change significantly depending on the location and who you buy from and the age or color of the bearded dragon.

Because most bearded dragons are bred in captivity (because Australia hasn't allowed exotic animals to be exported since the 1960s), there is a wide range of colors you can buy. PETA's undercover investigations have revealed rampant abuse and neglect in businesses that transport and sell “pet bearded dragons” and other reptiles, including a 15-week PETA investigation into Reptiles by Mack, a reptile mill in Xenia, Ohio, who raised and sold bearded dragons and other animals for pet them. stores across the country, including PetSmart. If you live with other companion animals, such as a dog or cat, their presence can make a bearded dragon anxious.

Also in the wild, bearded dragons hide underground to avoid predators, but in your home, they cannot escape the possibly frightening interest of other animals. At the end of the day, it's a safe option to buy a bearded dragon if you're a beginner in reptile care. Female bearded dragons can store sperm, allowing them to lay several batches of eggs from a single mating. Typically, a bearded dragon enclosure should be maintained at a humidity of around 30% and a temperature gradient of approximately 100°F in the sunbathing area and 80°F on the cold side of the tank.

When it comes to growing up, bearded dragons experience rapid increase in size at a young age and peak in about a year at about 1 ½ to 2 feet. However, as they age, male dragons generally develop larger heads and darker, more prominent beards.

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