Do bearded dragons make your house stink?

However, in practice, many bearded dragon cages produce very unpleasant odors. It's largely organic waste and bacteria in the cage that cause the odor; proper parenting and cleaning will reduce odor and help keep your pet healthy.

bearded dragons

don't smell bad. They almost don't smell anything.

If there is a bad smell coming from the enclosure of a bearded dragon, it could be several things besides the bearded one himself. Proper tank maintenance will keep these odors to a minimum, making a bearded dragon one of the most odor-free pets you can have. No, bearded dragons don't smell while they're molting. Even though the skin they get rid of is dead, it doesn't produce any odor.

Bearded dragons aren't big at all when you compare them to an iguana, which can grow more than six feet long. If it's not my bearded dragon's cage that stinks my whole apartment, it's my cat's litter box that makes me drown when I enter the bathroom. If the humidity is too high, use a dehumidifier in the room where you keep your bearded dragon's enclosure. Of course, it's possible that a bearded dragon can smell if it suffers from any kind of fungal disease or infection (we'll talk about this shortly), but this is not something that should last long, as a veterinarian should see you as soon as possible.

Bearded dragons often end up walking through their own feces and are even known to eat them under certain circumstances. This can really depend on your perception of what is too big, but compared to most pets, the bearded dragon is an ideal size. The sand mat is a rough sheet (almost like sandpaper) that can be cut to the size of your bearded dragon's tank. There are many things you can do to help reduce costs, such as building your own enclosure or growing your own greens and leafy greens to feed your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded, which means that their body functions depend on an external heat source. As long as certain precautions are taken, bearded dragons can be removed from their enclosure and allowed to roam a room, under vigilant supervision. Bearded dragons have one of the most compatible behaviors of any pet lizard available on the market today. Failure to clean the urine of your bearded men on a regular basis will certainly cause the tank to smell and create an odor and, therefore, will also transmit the smell to your bearded dragon.

Understanding whether or not your bearded dragon urine is supposed to smell will help you see if they have an underlying disease or infection. If you maintain a regular cleaning routine, there's no reason for your bearded dragon tank to smell at all. So how can bearded dragons smell bad when I said earlier that they don't smell? While it's okay that they don't smell, it doesn't mean they always smell like nothing.

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