Do bearded dragons like to be touched?

In our vast experience owning and dealing with bearded dragons, they like to be caressed as long as they are properly socialized to be handled. As proof, take a look at how a bearded dragon tends to close its eyes and relax when caressed. Although they are solitary animals, most bearded dragons enjoy interacting with their owners. They usually like to be carried or scratched on their heads, cheeks, or chin.

Some may walk away or put on a black beard, but they may change their mind if you drop them and try again later. Yes, the chin is among the parts that bearded people like to be caressed and hugged. While some may not like petting, you can be sure that touching under the chin won't make the dragon feel anxious or stressed out. Petting your bearded dragon is one of the easiest ways to show him how much you care, and it helps to establish a bond between the two of you.

To avoid scaring your pet, use slow and careful movements. Caress the bearded dragon with your fingers from head to tail, lifting your pet underneath if he looks relaxed and happy. Be sure to wash your hands after handling your dragon and be careful with body language that indicates that your pet may not be in the mood to be one. Once you've decided that your bearded dragon wants to be caressed, approach it slowly and from the front.

You'll need to gain a certain level of their trust before the bearded dragon trusts you with his life (more on that later). One of the best parts of handling your bearded dragon on a daily basis is that you will know it very well. Then, tilt your hand up at wrist level and gently push the bearded dragon with your other hand as needed. Always remember to wash your hands before and after stroking your dragon to reduce the risk of bacteria transfer.

Trust is important when bonding with your bearded man and is the best way to make your bearded dragon feel comfortable being stroked. Bearded dragons are cold-blooded animals that can only get heat from external sources (they are exothermic). Having a socialized bearded dragon is the goal of many dragon owners, and petting can be a great way to do that. The benefits of petting go beyond having a friendly bearded dragon, it can also help with socialization and spotting an illness in its early stages.

If you notice one eye closing instead of both, it's very likely that it's not fear and that something else is bothering your bearded dragon. Another thing to consider if you notice your bearded dragon closing its eyes is whether this behavior could indicate an eye infection. If you can get your bearded dragon used to touching and stroking, it will be more likely to form a bond with you and be less shy with strangers.

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