Are bearded dragons friendly?

Bearded dragons are pets of a friendly and tolerant nature, and are tamed quickly, even by owners who are not familiar with the pet. Once your bearded dragon becomes familiar with you and its new environment, it will soon enjoy your company. Bearded dragons are good pets because they are generally peaceful and pleasant reptiles. They tend to be passive and generally calm down as they age.

Bearded dragons are generally sociable, friendly and docile animals. They can be easily domesticated and are known to tolerate human contact better than most reptiles. You can take your bearded dragon for a walk in the garden, as long as it is not out of its enclosure for too long, the ambient temperature is not too hot or cold, and you don't walk it on wet ground. As for other animals, don't leave your bearded dragon in front of your other pets if you have one.

Bearded dragons and other reptiles are not “starter pets” (imagine your son or daughter's anguish when their new lizard friend dies in less than a year) they are sensitive animals that may experience anxiety, stress, anguish, emotion, fear, frustration, pain and suffering and that require specialized care. You can take your bearded dragon out of its terrarium and let it explore your home under supervision. Bearded dragons kept in a single enclosure should also be of a similar size or weight to mitigate dominance issues. This means that if you want something a little out of the ordinary, bearded dragons are probably a good pet for you.

You can buy a children's pool or a large plastic container for your bearded dragon to swim in. Outdoor walks are a great way to increase mental stimulation, as well as to get a good workout and keep your bearded man happy and friendly. If your bearded dragon is fleeing or swelling and whistling when you try to handle it, it doesn't mean it's trying to be hostile; it just means that your bearded dragon is going through something and needs a little time alone. He may not be as attached to humans as other bearded dragons, but you'll find him enjoying other activities.

Unfortunately, this is very common for dragons that stay together, so in general, it's best to keep them apart as soon as you can. If you notice these behaviors, you'll need to closely observe the interactions between your bearded dragons. Other adults, such as family, friends, or completely unknown people, should be very careful when trying to handle your bearded dragon. Those who buy bearded dragons often do so on impulse and have little or no knowledge of their special needs for space, heat, humidity, lighting, live prey, etc.

Among other things, such as the exotic appearance of the animal, its silent nature, the most attractive aspect of a bearded dragon is its kindness.

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